Alaska Airlines “Salmon Thirty Salmon” Livery (737-800)


Alaska Airlines “Salmon Thirty Salmon”

This 129-foot-long salmon stretches the length of its 737-800 base. It is a very pretty livery, and very intricately painted.

The “Salmon Thirty Salmon” livery represents wild and natural Alaska seafood, and was originally painted on a 737-400. After the 737-400 aircraft were retired from Alaska’s fleet, it was decided that the livery would live again on the newer 737-800.

Number in Fleet: 1
Crew: 2 Pilots, 4 Flight Attendants
First Class: 12
Range: 2,920 nm
Premium Class: 30
Length: 129 ft, 6 in (39.5 m)
Coach: 117
Typical Cruise Speed: 530 mph (853 km/h)
Wingspan: (with winglets) 117 ft, 5 in (35.8 m)
Max. Cruising Altitude: 41,000 ft (12,497 m)

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