Alaska Airlines reshapes 737 MAX logbook.

Alaska Airlines announced a new look to the logbook introducing both the 737-8 MAX and 737-10 MAX to their fleet.

Alaska Airlines had an original order number of 93 aircraft, however this changed today after putting in an order for 15 MAX 8s, and 60 MAX 10s, thus increasing their total logbook number to 145 aircraft.

The 737 MAX configurations…

Starting at the MAX 8 and continuing up

  • 737-8 MAX will have a seating capacity of 163 seats

  • 737-9 MAX will have a seating capacity of 178 seats

  • 737-10 MAX will have a seating capacity of 189 seats

With the entry of the 737-10 MAX joining Alaska Airlines, it seems these aircraft will replace the A321neo and we could see a replacement of A320ceo’s as well.

“We’re excited to add these new 737 models to our fleet and continue our upgauging strategy, which maximizes our revenue opportunity with more seats while reducing unit costs. This announcement is a further step in our drive toward a single fleet featuring Boeing aircraft and CFM engines – we are very appreciative of their partnerships.”

Alaska Airlines plans on the MAX 8 to enter service in the second half of 2023 while the MAX 10 is expected to enter service in early 2024 pending approval.

My thoughts on this are through the roof, with Alaska Airlines upping their logbook, it seems they plan on retiring their Airbus fleet to return to an All Boeing Fleet.

What are your thoughts on this?


I think it’s really exciting! I’m glad Alaska is expanding their fleet. :)

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Wasn’t expecting Alaska to pick up the MAX 10, but I’m looking forward to see it around!

Alaska with an all max fleet would be something neat to see

once they get rid of their 737-800s and -900s

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So am I! :)

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Rip the -900 with eyebrow windows and no winglets. 💀

Probably gonna be the first to go when they start retiring them…

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However, it seems Alaska Airlines will not be getting rid of the -800s just yet, they are going to invest ~$20 million into these airframes retrofitting and bringing what can be found on the MAX 9 onto their -800s.

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