Alaska Airlines Releases Russell Wilson Livery

Hey guys!

Alaska Airlines released a video today of their newly painted Russell Wilson livery on a 737-900 (ER).
Although I’ve never been much of a football fan, I think this livery looks pretty cool. What do you guys think?


Pass is - intercepted at the goal line by Malcolm Butler!

On a more serious note, ASA sure loves their sports liveries.


Nice livery, Alaska loves the sports liveries.

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Literally saw it when I went spotting a week ago- flew two runways to the right of me, FR24 didn’t pick it up as a special either ;/

That looks…interesting…

Looks nice! Russell is one of my favorite NFL players!

I find it a little odd that he’s not wearing his uniform. I guess Alaska didn’t get the rights for the Seahawks colors…

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I saw this aircraft at JFK in mid-September. Wonderful new livery!


To be honest, the Alaskan livery has the colours that the Seahawks have…


Never watched rugby but the livery looks pretty cool xD.

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It’s basketball…

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Imagine having your face painted on a plane?

You are wrong too, it’s football… 😂


Russell Wilson is in American football.

What’s the difference between American “football” and rugby? Pretty confusing having 2 footballs xD, American football and just football.

@Butter_Boi @Dylan_M sorry I don’t sports 😂


The message written on the plane is very inspiring

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Gives me chills every time I think about it never will forget that moment. Made top 5 in nfl but as a patriots fan this livery ain’t to bad

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