Alaska Airlines Q400 Montana State Bobcats livery

Hello IFC
I come to you today with a new livery idea for our Dash 8 Q400! It is the Alaska Airlines Montana State Bobcats college football team livery

Credits: Found on JetPhotos taken by Logan M Why I would like this livery is that it would give us more livery options for when we want to fly the Alaska Airlines Q400. I think this is a very simple livery and is one of my favorite Alaska Airlines liveries. I know that the devs are very busy with the A350 and Cessna 172 rework that this doesn’t have to be added immediately Below I have provided Information on Alaska Airlines and the Bombardier

Cool Livery. Have no Votes left sorry.

Edit: freed one up!


Oh no you did not just do that. The MSU bobcats are the biggest rivals to the U of M grizzlies. So we will need a livery request for that one to😂

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