Alaska Airlines photos needed

Hi, community
Alaska Virtual asks you to send us your best IF photos of you flying with an Alaska Airlines livery or Horizon livery. 5 photos will be chosen by either myself or the Head Media, @R_Jordanian to be posted on our Instagram and the gallery on our website. 3 photos will be chosen to be posted to our Instagram, and 2 photos to go on our website.

Thanks- CEO Alaska Virtual


Here’s one I took a couple of months ago.



Left Downwind runway 30 at KOAK!

Just turned out of runway 12 and passing the bay!

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Is that an Alaska plane? I can’t see.

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Yes it is, if you look at the top pic on the tail you will see the iconic head

It’s an Eskimo and yes now I can see it.

I know exactly who he is, he used to stand on the Tarmac and wait for the Alaska jet to come in and he would get all the mail that was on board

I could edit the photos brightness and make it a bit brighter.

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