Alaska Airlines | PDX-ANC | Boeing 737-900ER

Hey IFC!
We are getting close to the end of the year, and like last year, I am going to post a topic on New year’s Eve of my top 10 photos from the entire year, which will be very difficult because I have posted over 100 topics in #screenshots-and-videos which means that’s more than 1000 photos to sort through😭

Server: Expert

Callsign: Virgin 001VA

Route: Portland KPDX - Ted Stevens Anchorage PANC

Feast your eyes
Joining me on the flight today is @NathanD and @majhz, my buddies at VGVA. Credits to majhz for making this spectacular internal event!

Takeoffs off of 10L

Rocketing out of PDX

The Pacific Northwest is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in this country, if you haven’t seen it before in real life, I strongly suggest you that you do.

Climbing high

Reached cruise

Making my way up the coast, with some beautiful views of the Canadian Rockies

Huge snow storm in ANC upon landing with 1SM of visibility

Safe landing in ANC, with just one attempt!

Safe and sound at the gate

Takeoff and Landing movie

I hope y’all enjoyed!

amazing pics!


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