Alaska Airlines Orders 68 737 MAX Aircraft

# Alaska Airlines Orders 68 737 MAXs - The First Order Since The Lifting Of Grounding

Alaska Airlines has ordered 68 738MAX aircraft. This has been the first order of any airline since the lifting of the grounding of the jet.

The airline sent out this tweet and video today about them placing the order for the Jets.

According to CNBC, the airline said it will buy 68 of the 737 Max 9 planes, up from the 32 it had previously ordered. Alaska will buy 23 of them from Boeing and lease 13 others from Air Lease. Alaska also announced options to buy 52 other Max planes.


Finally Boeing gets some good news

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I don’t even wanna try and guess the discount rate Boeing gave them!

Happy for some new orders, definetly seems AS is making its way back towards its past and getting back to all Boeing!

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That is fantastic for Boeing along with Ryanair ordering an additional 75 737 Max aircraft a few weeks ago

After that safety dance, anything that happens to Alaska Airlines is good.

Hope the MAX brings Boeing back now that airlines are starting to take interest again.

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nooooo just one more order

Very nice, I’m glad these are being ordered and out into service again.

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