Alaska airlines now in the news again

Alaska airlines is in the news again but this times it’s about passenger issues. I feel the made the right call if it truly does affect the safety of other but at the time same time I feel they shouldn’t have asked the guy to leave unless he caused a huge disturbance. What’s your opinions

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I think Alaska shouldn’t of boot him out the aircraft. You are correct, unless he did a huge tantrum, then they kick him out.

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I honestly think in my opinion having a seatbelt with no airbags is safer then having none at all then paying for a premium seat just to be moved to one where more people are going to complain is quite wrong and then having to be kicked off the plane yes the cituation was quite a big one but both sides have dealt with it quite professionally yes right fully he shouldnt have been moved and just given the seatbelt extender it’s at his own risk therefore he pays the price and also the airline should not have moved him out of a seat he payed for because the passengers pays unless he was rightly payed Our give another flight then the airline is at fault but he shouldn’t have complained so in my opinion there both at fault here.

If I was that guy I wouldn’t have complained but demanded proper compensation. (At least the refund from the upgrade price)


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