Alaska Airlines New Route Shoutout!

Alaska Airlines just announced 3 new routes with start dates as well, these flights are also ready to be booked.

Alaska Airlines will be starting service from Palm Springs, Portland, and San Francisco.

  • Palm Springs to Austin
  • Portland to Tampa Bay / New Orleans
  • San Francisco to Cancun

These routes will be starting around holiday season. Specifically, November 19th, and December 16th!

Prices for the flights

  • Palm Springs to Austin
    Prices average $145-$160

  • Austin to Palm Springs
    Prices average $130-$150

  • Portland to Tampa Bay
    Prices average $140 ways

  • Portland to New Orleans
    Prices average $140 both ways

New Alaska Airlines flights | Alaska Airlines


Yes! I’ve always wanted more flights from Portland to the Southeast United States! I’m so excited about the new routes!


forgot Belize.

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Belize was announced a few weeks ago. This “New Route Shoutout” was announced today.

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