Alaska Airlines "More To Love" A321neo

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This is the newest plane variant to Alaskan Airlines, The Airbus A321neo is one of the quietest planes ever with the new PW1100G engines to the NEO family. This Livery is honestly my FAVORITE in the Alaskan inventory. The livery “More To Love” is the celebration of the merging of the airlines Alaskan and Virgin America.

Please Have:

  1. New Engine Sounds
  2. More Views
    3.Wifi Domes
    4.Passenger Views
    5.Cabin Light Options

BTW this may be a duplicate but I did search for it and none popped up so sorry if this is one:)

There is a duplicate, but it only has one vote and isn’t that detailed. We’ll see what the mods choose to do :)

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it did not pop up on search but mine has more info to it

I’ve gone ahead and flagged the other one for you. Next time please consult a mod to close the other one. 👍👍

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thank you for your support it is greatly appreciated:)

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The A321 NEO is not currently in IF, so this can’t be added unless the A321 NEO is added.

Yup but we are asking for the plane AND the Livery:)

You can only request for one thing at a time in a #features post.

Unfortunately this post is a duplicate, but personally I love the livery.

We have already confirmed that this is a duplicate, and the previous one has been flagged.

and closed

You got my vote! I like this livery more on the A321 than the 737. There’s just more to love about this A321!

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thank you so much:)

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No problem! I hope this comes in 19.2

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It hasn’t been confirmed that we will get an A321neo


he did say hope:)


My topic was closed so its not a duplicate anymore

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Yeah sorry about that;)

Hey Y’all, this vid has the perfect sound that will and should go in with it:)