Alaska Airlines | LAX-ANC | Boeing 737-900ER

Hey IFC!
Alaska Airlines’s MAX-9s are so beautiful! I sort of wish we had MAX aircraft in IF, but I have several other things I would rather have first. Here is my list of stuff I want before the MAX family.

  1. Add the A330-200 passenger
  2. Rework the A330-300 (on it’s way)
  3. Rework the Boeing 747 family
  4. Rework the E-jets
  5. Add taxiway lights
  6. Add tail logo lights and also have lights actually illuminate things
  7. Add the A330neo family
  8. Add the A350-1000 (coming soon)
  9. Add the shared cockpit ability
  10. Add the A320neo family

Anyways, let’s get down to business.

Server: Expert

Callsign: Virgin 001VA

Route: Los Angeles (LAX/KLAX) - Ted Stevens Anchorage (ANC/PANC)

Our fresh ride for today

Roaring out of LAX

Climbing high

Flying high

I wonder if Alaska serves good food, or if this flight is long enough for food service in economy

The Redwoods

Moon shot

Getting close

Final 7L

Safe landing in Anchorage!

Takeoff and Landing movie

I hope y’all enjoyed!

Coming up
Emirates | JFK-DXB | Boeing 777-300ER 😍


Beautiful photos! Loved #3!

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What a cool picture! Very nice impressions of what looks like a very cool Route. The Alaska livery is also always a highlight, which makes this post even better. Thanks for sharing!


Loving the effort and the scenery, nice topic!

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Great pictures! I liked the moonshot.

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Love all the pictures!!! Especially the Moon shot!!

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Two things. 1. The Alaska Airlines is so underrated. No one ever uses it 😢 but it’s so beautiful!! 2. How can you not have the 767 rework on your list!??? 😂
Or the 757-300, or the 757-200F lol


I think that the 737 MAX should come with the A320neo family.


Alaska serves food for purchase… great pics by the way

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I’m confused where did you see this :/

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That moon shot is money.

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I saw this here

They may add it soon. There are also a ton of livery requests for the A35X

Can’t wait to have the A350-1000
My brother loves the Virgin Atlantic one and he’s a huge virgin Atlantic fan
And Qatar🇶🇦 and British Airways🇬🇧 fly them to DFW my home airport

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Nice pictures 😃

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Sorry everyone, the movie link was private. It is now public!

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did you record the whole flight or how did u get in the google drive?

I just recorded the takeoff and landing, then uploaded it to Google drive and created a public link

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oh ok thxs :)