Alaska Airlines | JFK-SEA | Boeing 737-900ER

Hey IFC!
I am so happy to be flying this livery again! This livery celebrates the unity between Alaska and Virgin America. It’s awesome, because there is so much more to love!
Server: Expert

Callsign: VGVACOO
The photos are ready!
Lining up behind a mighty AA-77W embarking on a journey across the Atlantic

Flying past the city

Reached cruise! Snack time


Finally! Hit the Rocky Mountains!

Flying past my hometown

Crossing the mighty cascades - the last barrier between the plains and Seattle

Dropping in

Safe landing in my favorite big city!

I hope y’all enjoyed!


@anon79257371 check it out!


Wwooooooooooow awesome shots!

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Those are amazing! Glad I got to see you there 😎

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Great shots, that’s one of my favorite Alaska Airlines livery’s! 😍🔥

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Awesome photos!

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magnificent! perfect my friend!

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Amazing pics! The wing view is nice. Love the angle on the last one too. Cool editing, just right

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Great photos!!