Alaska Airlines Hub Hopping | 9/09 |

Me please!
Btw what happened to N13?

Do you know what time each flight is gonna pushback?

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@Bay_Area_Aviation I would just add on the flight time plus 15 to 30 minutes for each takeoff

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Put me down for D14 at SFO for SFO-LAX and 66 at LAX for the final leg. Can’t guarantee I’ll make it tho

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I will get that for you

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So we should be at our airport at 8 am or pushback at 8am? TY

Which time zone?

Could I have this please

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coming right up

Sorry, I’m not gonna be able to go, I’ve been on vacation in Florida for a while and tmrw is my last full day so I’d like to spend it outside at the beach instead, sorry again.

@Ryan_15 I can no longer attend any of the flights.

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Can’t join anymore either

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thank you both for letting me know

I’d like to join the event from SeaTac onwards please! Thx

Hello Everyone! I regret to inform you that this event is cancelled. I know this in convient for everyone but between other events on Saturday and me having work it just won’t work out. I am really sorry everyone as I am sure you know I was excited for this event because Alaska is my favorite airline. Hope you understand and I hope to see you on the next event. Thank you for understanding.

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