Alaska Airlines Group to keep Virgin America's Airbus Aircraft

How much will it cost to repaint those “all-Boeing fleet” decals?


No! Nooooooo! This is simply terrible! My worst fears have been realized! Alaska is losing the all-Boeing fleet! I have nothing against Airbus, but I have fallen in love with the Alaska brand and the 737 fleet they have. Seeing the Alaska livery on an airbus simply won’t be the same, although I do understand why this is necessary. This will change my VA and life as I know it forever!

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Why you dirty…! lol, but seriously stop, I’m grieving.

Yes, yes it is a dream come true. More planes to paint their livery on! :D

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Sounds great! Look forward to seeing them in the skies!

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Nooo stay with Boeing! They’re going to turn really low-cost.

Exactly the reason they wanna keep the Airbuses. Lower costs. Makes sense?


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