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Welcome to the 2022 Official Thread of the Alaska Airlines Group!


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Here at Alaska Virtual you also get to America in a whole new way from 30,000ft and above every day in our wonderful and beautiful aircraft’s that we have. You can enjoy the scenery of SeaTac, SoCal, NorCal, and everywhere in North America from east to west and north to south! You will enjoy this laid-back environment where you can fly, chat and have a lot of fun! Here at Alaska Virtual, our saying is ”Explore Alaska and the world in a Different Perspective with Alaska Virtual”. But when saying that we don’t just mean for our passengers but also our pilots and staff! We could go on with a million reasons to come and check it out! We can’t wait to see you in the still active ASVA!

A Message from the CEO

Welcome to Alaska Airlines Virtual, we’re so glad you could join us. My name is Emilie (or Ava) and I created this airline in the hopes of creating a safe, fun, and educational environment for our pilots and staff to enjoy. We will start by teaching you the basics and putting you on our most basic plane. Over time, as you gain hours and experience, we will allow you to fly other planes in our fleet so that you can fly higher and farther than ever before. We are proud to have you with us and we will do our best to make you feel welcome and included!

I can’t wait to see how this airline will grow in the next year! - @EI-AVA

Our Team

||Leadership Team||

@EI-AVA - Chief Executive Officer

@Chillin907 - Chief Operations Officer

||Operations Team||

@Marc_Hughes - Head of Internal Affairs

OPEN - Head of Public Relations

OPEN - Recruiter

@Delta21 - Instructor

@Trent - HR Manager

@nOthing2seehere - Events Manager|

How we fly

We have a very relaxed way of running an airline. Regarding routes, you can fly any Alaska Airlines route whenever you want to, you are only limited by your plane! It is in this way that we hope to engage pilots and give them many hours of flying fun.

Our Programs

Alaska Airlines Virtual operates in three programs.

  • Alaska Long Haul Program - The Alaska Long Haul Program is only accessible to the Captain Ranks. Offering long-haul destinations for charter and selected destinations!

  • Crew Program - Any pilot in ASA may fly for this program. They are able to enjoy and pursue flying with the airline. Ranks are imposed to maintain order and develop the pilot’s skill in flying the ASA fleet. Special Awards are given to pilots who have shown dedication towards the airline.

Alaska Airlines Virtual also communicates with other virtual airlines for possible codeshare agreements. As well as ensuring that all routes found in the database are updated to provide maximum realism to its pilots.

Our Fleet

At Alaska Virtual we are focused on improving both passenger comfort and our fuel efficiency. We maintain a young operational fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, Airbus A320 family aircraft, Embraer E-Jets and Bombardier Q400 aircraft.

At Alaska Virtual, we operate destinations to Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, South America, and North America. Also, we have a total of more than tbd routes on our routes database, across the globe! Check out our mainline route map below!

At Alaska Virtual, we use Discord as our primary communications hub. ASA maintains an enjoying and fun experience without compromising professionalism. All Infinite Flight rules extend to Alaska Airlines Virtual. Any violations are subject to disciplinary actions and may also lead to expulsion from the airline.

At Alaska Virtual, we have 6 available ranks for all our pilots to climb! Every rank you can access a new aircraft, even it is a codeshare aircraft.

Crew Program

Career Mode Program

Coming soon!

Alaska Airlines Virtual utilises the Google Sites for our Website. On the other hand, we utilise Flare for our Crew Center as it is very user friendly.

One World

OneWorld is an airline alliance founded on 1 February 1999. The alliance’s stated objective is to be the first choice airline alliance for the world’s frequent international travellers. It was founded by 5 different companies; American Airlines, British Airways, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Canadian Airlines.

Currently, OneWorld currently has 13 different airlines; American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LATAM, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, S7 Airlines, SriLankan Airlines.

We are still working on all of our codeshares, so stay tuned!

We’d love to have you onboard, ASA! Please take a look at our requirements below and fill out the application right here!

Trainee Crew Requirements:

Here are the Crew Requirements, please read them and make sure you are qualified to apply. Thanks!

Note: Applicants who get a rate of 90% and below in the Written Exam will need to do a check-ride with an Instructor/Chief Pilot.

  • Minimum age of 14 years old.

  • A functioning e-mail address.

  • An account in IFC with good standing.

  • 0.5 violations to landing ratio.

  • A legitimate Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

  • A rank in Infinite Flight of Grade 3 or higher.

  • Can accomplish 1 flight every 30 days.

  • Has access to Discord and Google Forms.

  • Has no record in the IFVARB Watch list or Blacklist.

If you have any questions regarding the airline or an open staff position, please message @Chillin907 or @EI-AVA

© 2022 Alaska Airlines VA - Alaska Virtual Airlines is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Alaska Airlines or corresponding companies. All trademarks and logos remain the property of Alaska Airlines and SkyWest.


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We would like to announce @Marc_Hughes as our Head of Internal Affairs. He has soared through the ranks and absolutely deserves his spot as a Staff Member of ASVA!

I also want mention the large number of applications we have been receiving this week! We can wait to have you flying with us and “Explore the world from a Different Perspective!”

Very Respectfully,
Alaska Airlines Virtual - Chief Operations Officer


Just a quick reminder that this weeks ROTW routes are celebrating the sunny warm places on our route schedule ☀️ 🌞

Don’t forget you have a few days left to get in your ROTW multiplier routes in. There’s an awesome route from KABQ-KSEA that is definitely worth trying out!

You can find the ROTW info in the ROTW-FNF channel on discord. If anyone is interested in coordinating a group flight please let me know! Any rank may fly the ROTW routes!

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I applied to this VA 4 days ago and I still haven’t gotten a response should I send another application?

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Hi! Sorry to hear about that, we will take care of this right away!

Hello everyone!

We are now happy to announce that we are now accepting applicants.
We’ve been a little behind on this and for that we apologise…
There are currently three staff positions open: Recruiter, Instructor and our latest and greatest position: Head of Advertising. Please contact @EI-AVA or @AlaskaAirlinesVA if you are interested in either of these positions!

Thank you so much,
AS Executive Staff


Good morning fellow ASVA pilots! There is still time to sign up for our group flight today. You can find the information in the discord channel under group flights. Hope to see you there!


This is what I’m greeted with when I try to hit the apply button … I’ll be trying a different browser shortly, but just want to point this out (am using Firefox)

Edit: MS-Edge gave a similar error

I’d like to apply, but it won’t let me

Interesting, thank you for bringing that up. Could you give it a try on Chrome?

ASVA - Chief Operations Officer

I’ll have to install chrome first, but I can give it a go (although I expect similar results since edge and chrome are both chromium based, and edge failed)

Sounds good, give me an update over PM

Hello everyone!

It’s been a crazy last few weeks.

Now, we are starting to add more codeshare routes to our database! These airlines include:

Air India Virtual
Southwest Airlines Virtual
& now JAL VA

We are in the process of getting a few more of these codeshares set up enabling our pilots to fly higher and faster!

Thank you to all of our pilots and fellow airlines,



Hello all! ⛰

Starting today, we are hiring! We have a few positions open for general staff at the airline and one higher ranking staff official!

Check them out below and apply today!

On another note, we are adding more routes to our mainline route database! These include new codeshares, and new ASA Mainline Routes. Destinations include: The World 🌍

The positions open are:

Head of Public Relations - OPEN [Helps people with questions, manages our social media pages and helps them get adjusted to the Alaska Airlines Spirit]

Recruiter - OPEN [Assists people though the application process, answers questions, and controls who joins the airline and those who should be removed]

Instructor - OPEN [Trains our new cadets and pilots, chooses the routes during the application process, aids with the application test, give some flight school on how to fly the 737/A320 for newer pilots to Infinite Flight]


Chief Pilot - OPEN [Manages all the pilots in the VA, helps with questions, assists CEO and COO with valuable airline updates, shares ideas on how to make things better, manages codeshares and so much more!]

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this and maybe even apply!

To apply, please message @EI-AVA and we can get you set up right away.

Looking forward to seeing where this can go,

ASA Team ✈︎


Hello, hope everyone is doing well. We wanted to address an issue we are experiencing that is temporarily hindering our members and those wanting to join.

The ASVA crew center website ( is currently off line, as are similar crew centers of a number of other VA/ VO’s. This is due to an action taken by a real life airline against the hosting provider for our shared web domain “”. Work is underway to restart the crew center on another hosting platform.

ASVA operations will continue while the crew center issue is being resolved.

Members are asked to keep a side record of ASVA flight PIREP data.

Anyone interested in joining the VA can apply by contacting @AlaskaAirlinesVA or @Chillin907 by PM here on IFC.

We will continue to update everyone on this issue as things progress both here and on our Discord Server.

See you in the skies!
ASVA Staff


Just applied can’t wait to join this amazing VA