Alaska Airlines Fly with Pride at BZN!

This morning I went to the airport to see a very special airplane. The Alaska Airlines Fly with Pride livery. This time I was really worried about taking pictures because I was really worried about being asked to leave or someone questioning me about why I had a camera and was taking pictures because this time the park was really crowded with two baseball games going on.

First is a picture of a C172 taxing into the run-up area.

The Alaska Airlines Fly with Pride’s original morning flight back to Seattle was canceled and instead was being ferried to Santa Ana where it is to continue to with its regular scheduled flight to Seattle this afternoon.

Sitting at the gate waiting for pushback.

Engine start.
A picture of it taxing past me to the runway.

Following the Fly with Pride is a picture of a Southwest 737-700 taxing past a Beechcraft 55 going to Denver.

The Beechcraft 55 taxing into the run-up area while it awaits the Southwest and Alaska.

Next is a Cessna 510 taxing to the runway.

After that a chartered Sun Country 737-800 landing from LAX.

Once the Sun Country vacated the runway the Beechcraft 55 took off.
After the Beechcraft the Cessna 510 took off.

Thank you for looking at my pictures and have a good day or night.


I’m proud of you these shots are great!

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Thank you! I’m happy about it too!

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I feel like the Alaska A320s are underrated

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