Alaska Airlines Event @ KSEA - 191600ZAUG19

Server: ATC playground

Region: *Seattle WA

Airport: *KSEA

Time: 1600 Zulu time

NOTAM: My friend and I are going to fly around Seatac tomorrow and I was wondering if anyone was interested in joining us. If so, please reply?

I will be there

Ok I will to

See you tomorrow

Ok i will try to come.

If not its ok

I think I can not make it. I do not have the required XP. Tell me when the event ends.

We are just going to fly to PDX and back a couple of times you can quit when ever you need to

Does anybody like to join me Tomorrow at a Aeromexico Event?

I will attend the event

I will be there

Hay Dylan are you in

The event has started

Enyone can join

I still may not make it. I wish i could come but i do not have the required XP

I will switch it to arc playground

Can you join that server

Sure. But let everyone know

Nobody else is coming

There now let’s fly