Alaska Airlines ERJ-175 New Livery

Hey, so I think that we should add the new Alaska Airlines livery to the ERJ aircraft. I know that there is another feature request for this: Alaska ERJ-175 New Livery But I would like to point out that this feature topic is closed, so I am allowed to create a new one.

Here is a picture of an Alaska Airlines ERJ aircraft with the new livery

image credit: originally from the ERJ overview on the Alaska Airlines Website, got it from google images

Please put the image’s credit. Thank you! :)

Did you check the link to where the image was from, because that link is the source of the photo.

This would be outstanding to see in a ERJ rework!

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Link? You mean the conversation link I posted?

and could you vote on it?

This is where the image is originally from.

We need this for the ERJs. This livery should come when the ERJs get a rework

Unfortunately, I’m out of votes

Though they are similar there two different liveries.

I deleted it because of that.

Oh gotcha that make sense. Sorry!

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I just gave the credit to Alaska Airlines

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Sorry out of votes. Good luck though, and would love to see this!

out of votes but I like the old livery alot more

Eh well, each to their own I guess.

Yeah I guess that will work. I couldn’t find anybody else with that photo expect for them.

Be sure to also vote on this!

Already done. Voted for my own topic, and the over-all rework.

I think we need the E-190 rework before the new liveries,but more importantly,I think we need the 737-800 new liveries first ;)

what new 737-800 liveries?

@SimpleWaffles is probably talking about wanting the 737 Alaskan new liveries before this one.