Alaska Airlines Drops American Airlines Partnership

Hey everyone its a sad day for American and Alaska airlines fans/travelers. Alaska and American have dropped the partnership with big losses on both sides.


On the American side of the partnership, the biggest loss comes with service to Alaska itself and from the West Coast to Hawaii. Only a handful of airlines offer service to Alaska, and customers looking to travel beyond Anchorage are mostly dependent on Alaska Airlines or another regional carrier.

On the Alaska side, the biggest loss for Alaska Airlines customers is the sheer number of options that come with partnering with the world’s largest airline. While American Airlines has been incredibly stingy lately with its saver-level award space (the type needed for partners like Alaska to book awards), its fleet size and route map dwarf Alaska’s both in the U.S. and internationally.

Sad days but this doesn’t take place until March 1st 2020 so we have some time.


Ohhhh noooo!!! It won’t really affect me, but still sad! I really like Alaska. (My favorite airline) I wonder how it will affect them…


NO! Alaskan and American are two of some of my favorite airlines so this is sad to hear 😢

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wow american is just falling down the lader of terrible. first they lost LATAM and now Alaska 😂


I have this strange feeling inside of me that this will take a turn and help out whoever made this decision.

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We are elite members with Alaska and we got an E-mail explaining this. It said we would still be able to use AA lounges though. Sad, my dad and I were planning to use miles to by a 787 ticket, but that backfired…

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This makes me wonder if Alaska will continue to pursue possible membership with Oneworld Connect…


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