Alaska Airlines Dash-8 Q400 New Livery

Hey, so I think that we should add the new Alaska Airlines livery to the Dash 8 aircraft. I know that there is another feature request for this: Alaska/Horizon air Q400 2017 livery But I would like to point out that this feature topic is closed, so I am allowed to create a new one.

Here is a picture of an Alaska Airlines Dash-8 Q400 aircraft with the new livery


Image credit: originally from Alaska Airlines website, I got it from Google Images

That image is from twitter. Please add it as a source:


For the record, before @Daniel_Cerritos made it aware to me that the image was from twitter, I didn’t know. According the guidelines, google images is a valid image source.

You must really like the new Alaska Airlines livery on their aircraft!

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Google Images isn’t really a source, since that image has a link to the original article.

Just because it was on Google Images, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a link to the Original Website where it is located.

Always click on the “Visit” Button to go to the website for a proper source.

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That is true. I really really really want them to add the new liveries. I kinda hate the old Alaska livery.

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Also, in addition to the discussion listed above, this is a duplicate

and if we are going to play the original source game, I just did a google images search on the photo, and it came up as the original source being the alaska airlines website.

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no, it’s not. Show me another request for this that is still open.

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Ah, my bad. I found it, but it was closed.

@marvin_buxton did find a decent picture.

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It’s cool. That is a nice photo, though. Do you know if he took that himself?

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I personally believe they should add the new livery and keep the old one, so you can be even. That’s just my belief, I hope it gets added in the next update


I never said remove the old one, just add the new one.

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Is this not the same as this topic?

Yeah, and it’s closed.

You sure? Check again

Yeah, pretty sure. This is the thread your link took me to.

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You’re clicking the wrong link dude

Your right, I did click on the wrong link. However, the last comment on that topic was a little under a month ago. Safe to say, that topic is dead.

Still a duplicate