Alaska Airlines Buys More Boeing 737 MAXs

Alaska Airlines is acquiring more Boeing 737 MAX 9s

Today, Alaska Airlines has announced it will take 13 new Boeing 737 MAX 9s through a lease agreement with Air Lease Corporation.

These 13 aircraft will be delivered starting in the fourth quarter of 2021 through 2022. Alaska now has a total of 45 Boeing 737 MAX 9s on order.

With this agreement, Alaska will sell 10 of its Airbus A320s to Air Lease Corporation and will temporarily lease them back for some time after the deal.

Steven F. Udvar-Házy, executive chairman of Air Lease Corporation:

“We are honored and pleased to renew our long association and partnership with our friends at Alaska Airlines. These leased Boeing 737-9 aircraft from ALC will fill an important role on Alaska’s diverse route network, bringing the most technologically advanced and environmentally attractive aircraft type into Alaska’s fleet, just in time as we expect the airline industry will undergo a sustainable recovery starting in 2021.”

Alaska Airlines has not yet taken delivery of its first 737 MAX due to the groundings, which have just been lifted in the United States last week. This means Alaska is technically the first customer to “order” more 737 MAXs, even though this will not add any new orders for Boeing.

Alaska Airlines will take delivery of its first 737 MAX 9 in January 2021 and begin passenger service with it in March 2021. Once it enters service, Alaska will use the MAX on four routes:

  • Seattle-Los Angeles
  • Seattle-San Diego
  • Portland-Las Vegas
  • Portland-Los Angeles.

Eventually, the MAX will operate west coast to east coast flights and potentially Hawaii.

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Congrats to Alaska and Air Lease Corporation on this deal. However, this shows Alaska’s confidence in the 737 MAX, which could lead to more airlines ordering 737 MAXs.

It’s also worth noting Alaska sort of modified the MAX 9 name to “Boeing 737-9 MAXs”.


Bold move, let’s see if this paid off


I see what they did there with the plane name. Very interesting.

Still though, great to to see Alaska getting MAXs, you mentioned they are giving back some A320s, I think they want to get the Airbuses out of their fleet except for the A321neo, cant wait to see Alaska flying more MAXs!

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This is slowly but surely getting super confusing with the -800
/-900 and the MAX (-8/-9). Not sure if that’s really a good new name…

On another note I am not necessarily happy to see this order, which will further ensure Alaska will be back to an all-Boeing B737 fleet rather sooner than later, even though I understand the benefits of having a single type (e.g. one pilot pool, less maintenance training needed (just for the one type), …).

In the end let’s hope the B737MAX proves safe and reliable and will ensure Alaska maintains there high quality (if what I see online can be trusted). Thanks for the news @Ishrion!


Now this news interest me as Alaska Airlines is the carrier I fly on most frequently.

More 737 Maxes will be interesting but I I’m not a huge fan of them taking away some of their Airbus planes.


Looks like they won’t ever get anymore Airbus.

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Weren’t those Airbuses from Virgin America merger?


Correct - their Airbus fleet are from Virgin America

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They’re moving towards an all Boeing Fleet.

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Just what I like to see!

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I just want to point out that this isn’t a modification. The official name of the aircraft is 737-9. MAX is just a marketing name and airlines can really put it wherever they like. I booked what was supposed to be their inaugural flight in July 2019 and I believe it only said “737-9”, so if anything, this is an improvement. Keep in mind that the IATA code for the aircraft is 7M9 (737 MAX 9) but the ICAO code is B39M (Boeing 737-9 MAX).

Anyway, as a long time fan of the aircraft, I’m super happy to see this happen. It deserved some support and I’m glad it got it. I’m also excited for the future, because pre-COVID, Alaska had said they needed about 200 new aircraft to support their growth and replacement of the A320s, so this is just the start.

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