Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-MAX 9

Well through in my eyes I haven’t seen an Alaska airlines 737 Max request! (Even though​ the MAX isn’t in game but I expect it too) I think it would look nice!

(Sorry if repost) Credit:

Don’t forget to give credit to the owner of the picture! Thanks!


T’was Boeing/Alaska air, will add ^_^

He means add a link directly to the photos.

New guidelines.

Livery fits the plane really well but it doesn’t stand out too me as a livery. Not a vote from me, sorry!

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Nice, is that the new livery for Alaska Airlines?

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Yep been new for about a year

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Fixed, added the appropriate link!


I like how I when I first joined I suggested the max 737s but I get told wait till I get to tryst level one that was a few months ago and I’m still a basic user but now it’s just appearing on the forums how funny that it’s showing up again months after my suggestion

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How’s that related to the topic?

We’re talking about Alaska Airline’s 737MAX not trust levels.

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The fact that now the max series is appearing after I suggested a few months ago when I first joined and now it’s becoming a forum madness hype for example look further down look how many southwest 787-8 max their is multiple things and this is not unreleased at all either


contribute more and dot around the forum and you’ll be a Member in no time.
It’s on you too earn what you want, and then comes the reward of posting in #features

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