Alaska Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8

Photo Credits: N801AK | Boeing 737-8 MAX | Alaska Airlines | Steven L | JetPhotos

Infinite Flight just confirmed that the 737 MAX 8 will be making its way into the Simulator. With that being said, why not add Alaska Airlines (N801AK) into the game.

This livery will compliment the 737-900 and open up some more routes that the NG cannot.

Let’s get this livery added and enjoy a new Chester!

Thank you, for your new topic today. Because I always loved the plane for Alaska Airlines many years ago. I vote!

I have to vote 😅

Amazing livery.

You just beat me to it @AlaskaAirfireball111


This would be a great addition since the 737-800 we have doesn’t have the newer livery

Definitely would love to see this!!

Voted, let’s get Alaska on the MAX!

Voted. Alaska is one of my favorite liveries

Bumping this

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Too bad we cant get this Beauty on the Max 9!

Gonna be fun doing hops out of Alaska with this one



Good ol’ BFI!

N801AK, the sole MAX8 delivered to Alaska at this point in time, appears to be back in service after spending what i think at this point was over a month in KOKC

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