Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-MAX 8

Nearly the same as the MAX 9 but shorter

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The Livery fits nicely in the 737-MAX 8, which is a really nice aircraft. I hope it is added in Infinite Flight.


I would like to politely say, and this is not directed towards you, but we don’t need any more airliners in Infinite Flight. More variety of General Aviation should be a step that is taken toward next. We already have 4 variants of the 737. Wouldn’t you like to see something that looks drastically different than what we already have?


I agree, we do need something different. The 737 is alright in IF, but the rework and addition of more 737’s (Original, Classic & MAX) would be alright. Maybe a joint project like the 777/787?

I like this livery too, sad that I’m all out of votes. :-(


Beautiful, they should have a special livery on this one.

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I totally agree with you. I think we do need more General Aviation aircraft but I don’t think they are as popular as the big airliners. I would like to see more GA aircraft though. However, I would like one more airliner: the A350

Anyway back on topic :)


You would think liverys should always be there because more popular Flight simulators then IF have the ability to have it all, the textures should be easier too make compared too making the actual model. Anyway thanks for your input!

tbh, Infinite Flight’s future is focusing towards commercial aviation. It would be cool to have more GA aircraft but I don’t really think the developers will add more in the near future.


The livery is so gorgeous! Needs to be added!


I agree we don’t need more airlines,

I also agree with more GA aircrafts and

For all older aircrafts to be reworked. (A330, A340,757,767,ECT)

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Love the light blue and the green while still sticking to the traditional Alaskan tail. Would love to see it!

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