Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-800. KSEA. Hawaiian Lei

Alaska Airlines (N565AS) Boeing 737-800 with Winglets Scimitar Split. This is my flight from SEA to DCA last on Sunday, April 3, 2016.
Gate D, SEA Airport. At 12:52 pm.

I could like my old livery plane for Hawaiian lei with Alaska Airlines. I had two times for the plane, too.

Hello there, thanks for posting today. Unfortunately, this is a duplicate request, you are more than welcome to vote and share your thoughts on the current one, however :)



How come for some Alaska airlines old livery they have flowers on the tail

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@Thunderbolt Oh, hmm, Dang, I miss someone post my problem make any sense?

Do you know if someone has requested Alaska airlines E175?

Yes, there is one.

You can use the little microscope at the top of your screen to see various feature requests


To add onto @Thunderbolt here is the Alaska Horizon E175:

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