Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-700 (2016 Livery)

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This Alaska livery will help add so many more possibilities for fun flights with Alaska!

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I would love this but im out of votes :(

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This would really open up some SE Alaska flying, including the famous milk run!

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This needs to be in here! Especially since Alaska Airlines is a large operator of the 737-700. Voted!!

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(This comment is to keep this topic alive)

thanks lol

I’m Alaska096 but that account had to be closed so this is cool that it’s still open

How many did Alaska retire? I thought they had more at one point I’m not sure though

I believe they have 10 not to sure about it. They’re mostly used for inter Alaska flying and charter flights for Alaskan miners. You can see them here and there doing short hops on the west coast.

Giving this a little bump 😉

Looking forward to seeing this in future updates!