Alaska Airlines B737-900 - Honoring Those Who Serve Livery!


Credits: @Capt.Zach

When taking a look at how much our Veterans and those who serve our country do and have done for us, they deserve to be recognized. Keeping us safe, fighting for our country, and those are just a couple things out of the many. Alaska Airlines have created this absolutely gorgeous livery to honor those who serve. Infinite Flight should incorporate this livery into the simulator because it shows respect to our veterans and those who serve. Especially to use it in game and think about how much they do. They definitely should be recognized. Not to mention it looks absolutely amazing!

Let me know what you think and drop a vote while your at it!

I love this livery! It would be amazing to see with a 737 re-work.

P.S., the livery is called Honoring Those Who Serve, it’s not just for veterans.


Gotcha! I will change the title!

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My apologies! Sorry about that!

Come on guys! Let’s get some votes! 😉
Let’s show that we honor those who serve our country! (Also who doesn’t want this amazing livery!)

After seeing this plane in MSY the other day, i definitely want it in IF!!! U got my vote!✅

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I saw this plane at my home airport KSEA the other day. Would be cool to have this livery in the sim.

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Sure would be my friend! Feel free to cast in a vote!

This is one of my favorites, I personally saw it parked at SEA in June! Deserves my vote.

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Agreed! Thanks for the vote! Let’s hope to see it in a future update!

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I love this livery would be cool with the new features for the 737

Bumping this beautiful livery up

After recently losing my grandpa, I’ve wanted this livery more than ever before. Would mean a lot to see this gracing the skies. Got my vote


I’m so sorry! I voted al well.

This livery is amazing— voted for sure.

This is one of the best looking liveries for the 737, and one of the best meanings too. It would be nice to see this.