Alaska Airlines B737-800 Salmon Thirty livery

Stunt Livery!

  • Yes its amazing
  • No its not

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I know you like posting in Features, but please stop spamming. Two requests per day is enough

Don’t spam. posting more than a couple feature requests a day is frown upon and can result in moderation actions

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What’s purty?

I thought a topic had been made about this before, can’t find it anywhere though.

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I thought the same thing…

That is my second post in features today(in my timezone)

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Looks like 12% of the Voters wanted to eat the Boeing instead of riding it…

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I am Planealian


But I see your vote in “yes it’s amazing” :)

I expected it to be orange in colour like in the colour of salmon flesh but okay…
Very unique :D

Can we please stop posting polls in features? If people like it, they would love it, with the heart button.

I’d fly it to the Japan region for free sushi.
Edit: After Global Flight

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I’d love to see this livery!

It would be interesting to have a 738 without winglets

Just noticed that

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I would love for this livery to come to Infinite Flight, i have been trying to get to level 2 so i can request it. Lets make it happen

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