Alaska Airlines B737-800 Cars Livery with Split Scimitars

Hey IFC, Jake back with the feature suggestion about the Alaska Airlines Cars Livery now has the Split Scimitars. I know many of you want to see this added in the Infinite Flight Simulator. Let’s vote for this Alaska Airlines Disney’s Cars Livery In-game. Now you may ask why I’m making this request today. Is that all of the airplanes were grounded due to COVID-19 Some of the airplanes starting to fly again. All flights are starting to pick up. I would love to see this added also in Infinite Flight to the 737-800. The number on the tail is N570AS? Alaska Airlines is an Airline that’s partners with American Airlines. Aer Lingus. British Airways. Cathay Pacific. Condor. EL AL Israel Airlines. Emirates. Fiji Airways. Finnair. Frontier. Hainan Airlines. Icelandair, Japan Airlines. Korean Air. LATAM Airlines. PenAir. Qantas. Ravn Alaska. Singapore Airlines. Hawaiian Airlines. I am having a good time on the IF community. Containing that I like the game called Infinite Flight. We all couldn’t do it without all of you… I see Chris_S closed the topic just now after I opened the new one! So why does the topic get closed every time I open a new one. Here is the picture It’s just a toy plane. I want to request also the Alaska Airlines 737-800 (Hawaiian Lei Tail![image|800x600](upload://dTfPzy1gSZcfl48OHiwZMYYtcrl.

Thanks again for looking at my request about the Alaska Airlines Disney’s Cars and the Alaska Airlines Hawaiian Lei Tail livery

Cheers, Jake.

Those are the split scimitars I am requesting, not the old ones without the split scimitars

As much as many want to see liveries with movie designs and characters, it comes with a lot of legal stuff since their logos and what not are copyrighted. It’s been said before that these kind of liveries will not come to the sim any time soon I’m afraid.


If I’m correct this livery cannot happen due to copyright issues with disney

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You guys can vote for it here

Unfortunately they are correct. These special liveries come with it a licensing fee and permission from Disney Sorry.