Alaska Airlines Allows You to Send Free Messages at 35,000 Feet

Alaska Airlines will now let you send free messages at 35,000 feet - Yahoo Finance


Yeah it’s cool but there will be a overuse of the term “I"m on a plane!” when people use it


That’s awesome!😎🇦🇺

To bad I won’t ever be flying them I need the foreseeable future. One of the few things I am dissatisfied about with Frontier is their wifi prices.


What if your cruising altitude is 34,999ft?


This is about Alaska not Frontier

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Bwahaha. My Nokia only supports SMS and MMS. Still waiting on an app store.

“…and will be limited to services that operate over wi-fi, like WhatsApp, iMessage and Facebook Messenger. Text messaging (SMS and MMS) requires cell service to operate and will not work with Free Chat.”

I guess I should’t show off how awesome my Nokia is, so, back on topic.

It’s a great idea, especially how it’s free. If I lived in North America and travelled with Alaska Airlines, I would make sure to book a flight on one of the Wi-Fi equipped 737s. Unfortunately, I live across the world in Australia. C’mon Qantas, get your game on!

I got a 25 hour flight with them this year, wish me luck, no wifi for me


I know. I’m saying that I wish Frontier would do what Alaska does in some areas.

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That’s all i would send and snapchat! Haha


What is you’re at 33 or 37 thousand feet?

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Wow interesting

I’ve used hundreds of dollars accidentally when I left my phone in checked luggage and didn’t turn data roaming off. This was on a flight to London :( I had a lot of explaining to do to Telstra.


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