Alaska Airlines Airbus A320

Hi y’all! As you know the Alaska livery on the A320 was just unveiled to the public, and I definitely think this should be implemented.

Background of This Livery
Alaska Airlines and Virgin America announced a merger March 22, 2017. On January 24, 2018, the very first VX A320 was repainted in Alaska’s livery. The registration of the newly painted plane is N625VA.

The Airbus A320 is a short to medium haul aircraft in Airbus’ A320 series. The first A320 was introduced in 1987, and was then delivered to Air France 1 year later in 1988.

Length - 123ft 3in
Cabin Width - 12ft 2in
Range - 3,300nmi
Fuel Capacity - 7,190 gallons
Cruise Speed - M0.78
Service Ceiling - 41,000ft

Reason for Request
This new livery is a huge milestone for Alaska Airlines. Before merging with Virgin America, they only operated Boeing aircraft. Now, they have expanded their fleet with the inclusion of the Airbus A320, Airbus A321, Airbus A320neo, and the Airbus A321neo. This livery represents the spirit of Alaska and Virgin, combined into one livery, and one airline. There really is ‘More to Love.’ If this livery is added, there will almost undoubtedly be more people flying the A320, more events in regards to Alaska and Virgin America, and overall more support for this amazing simulator.


Thanks for reading all of this! Please, vote to show the developers that we want this livery!

Have a good day!

I can’t see why this wouldn’t be added. No-brainer.


Awesome to see the Alaska livery on an a320. Would be great to see this in Infinite Flight.

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To be honest, I didn’t expect an A320 to look really good in Alaskan colours. Lovely.


This livery is gorgeous. Never gonna get old. Earned my vote! :)

No doubt, with the Virgin America Merger, they’ll be looking to brig all systems into line, run an all a320 fleet, to reduce costs and be more competitive.

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Would love to see this amazing livery in Infinite Flight! You have my vote :)

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Love Alaska new livery hope the developers will add this

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It’s coming!



The developers have added the Alaska A320 to the simulator. You’ll be able to enjoy it in the next update! :)