Alaska Airlines A321neo (More to Love Livery)

Alaska just released this picture of an A321neo in the more to love livery. Would love to see this in Infinite Flight. I would love to see this because in infinite flight this would look really nice and we need something to celebrate the merger

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Please add more details to the main post.

Like why do you want it? What’s so special about it?


Really neat I would also like to see this for many reasons:
First Alaska A321neo delivered in Alaska colors
Love the merger livery

if you look at the whole photo it appears 2 NEW aircraft are in that livery! Unless I’m going insane…


Oh wow that’s an unusual livery but cool also

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Yuck. Love the livery on the 737-900 but the A-321 gross.

Not a big fan of the red, but love it all Alaskan.