Alaska Airlines A320

Well it seems most of them say so, but it would me might as well have them. I’ve also heard that they would be starting refurbishing the cabins.

Deliveries are cancelled all the time, regardless of whether its the first batch or the hundredth. Delta cancelled their 787s, and they didn’t care that it was the first batch. Other airlines do it all the time as well. VS did it with their A380s, QR did it almost did it with the 320neo, and UA might do it with their A350s.

My bet is AS will cancel the neos + current orders, cancel the leases VX has on most of their planes, and use the current 737MAXs and 737s on order to replace the VX fleet. Alaska wouldn’t keep a type that requires additional maintenance and training (akin to why WN wouldn’t fly anything aside from 737s). Just like how WN leased the 717s out to DL instead of operating them, AS may simply cancel the order, or have them delivered and leased out to another carrier instead.

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They might keep the A320s for the Former Virgin America pilots I don’t think they want to leave hundreds of people jobless


Or they could retrain the pilots to the 737 instead of having to pay for 2 different sets of parts and equipment, retraining of crew for the other type, etc. Your choice.

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Delta cancelled their 787’s years in advance, they were not to receive them until 2020. United is most likely gonna keep on to their order but we would know soon enough. Sri Lankan’s 350’s were a classic example of having to pay a lot of money. Airbus would charge a massive fee because right now they are just sitting in Toulouse wasting space. Qatar differed their A320neos to 321neos. Virgin atlantic converted theirs to A350-1000’s.

You could be right with them taking delivery of them and leasing it out to other airlines. That has a good probability of happening.

UL’s A350s were paying a lot of money only because their contract with AerCap specified a cancellation fee – if VX had such a cancellation fee attached, then the delivery and lease strategy is more likely. If not, they could pay a cancellation fee (depending on how large it is) to cancel their order. Andrew Levy, UA’s CFO, said they are considering “alternative options” for their A350 order. QR may have differed the rest of the 320neos, but the first couple were downright cancelled and never delivered or changed to the 321neo. Technically, VS still has the A380 order deferred to 2018, so they could still cancel it if they wanted to.

@N644US Looks like alaska is going to keep Virgin America’s A320 fleet

For the “foreseeable future.” Doesn’t mean they won’t cancel the leases in 2021, 4 years from now. They also never mentioned anything about the A320neo.