Alaska Airlines A320

With Alaska Air ditching the Virgin America brand, is expected that the airbus fleet will be repainted

So wouldn’t it look good in IF?

What do people think?

Really nice! Must be added!


How about credits? I linked the photo (if you click on the photo) when I posted it in the other topic.


This is an A320NEO rendering. Not an A320 Photo ;)

That is so beautiful! But I didn’t know Alaska operated A320!

Those A320s were owned by Virgin America. Which merged with Alaska ;)


Changed it to A320NEO as the picture is an A320N ;)

They are the same thing. One has bigger engines and is lighter that’s it.

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Very nice livery on the plane, I think it looks awesome.

Yes please! That is one good looking plane.

WOW thats looks amazing

I like the new Alaska livery on this plane, I’ll vote for it.

Are we sure ASA will take them? Not just sell them?


Let’s relax a second here. Set to retire 2019. We still have two years till they decide to sell or keep. This may not even happen because they can sell them, and purchase 737’s or E-175/190’s with them.


Was it even confirmed that Alaska will use there A320neos?

It’s doubtful AS will actually take the 320neos and 321neos, and will most likely replace them with 737s. They’ve always been proud of their all-Boeing fleet (the E75 and DH4 are technically Horizon/SkyWest planes) and will most likely stick to it. VX never owned many of their planes, so I’m guessing that the current 320s will mostly either be sold or returned to lessor.


There done. I didn’t know he didn’t want people to use it. Sorry

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Some sources are saying that they may choose to keep the A320s/A319s

How do you know those sources are real?

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It cost too much to cancel a delivery so the first batch of Neos are safe. With their others I’m sure they will take them in just to keep up with routes. If they aren’t what they expect then I’m sure they can sell them

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