Alaska Airlines A319-112

Alaska Airlines A319-112 (N530VA)

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As a member of Alaska Virtual Airlines I would love to see this livery on the A319 in Infinite Flight! This A319 has just been painted into the Alaska colors. This livery would be an amazing addition into the Infinite Flight fleet and into the Alaska Virtual fleet!

I think we can could this with a possible livery update like we saw with the A320 series not long ago. So if you like this livery drop a comment or a vote! Feedback is always appreciated!

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I hope to see this in Infinite Flight soon!

Thanks for reading!

They painted the A319?! Anyways I think the livery fits the A319 better than the A320 and sure does look pretty sweet. Might consider a vote for this in the near future. But it’s still sad to see the Virgin America brand slowly fading away :(


I would love to see it!! You got my vote!


They sure did paint it! The picture was only taken on January 18, so it’s pretty recent.

Also yea it is sad to see Virgin America go


Thanks, glad you have an extra vote!


Basically calling all ASVA members to vote for this!

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I would certainly be glad to have this

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Great addition to the ASVA fleet!

Tbh I didnt even know Alaska had an A319…


They’ve just painted this one with in this week. They got them when Virgin America went to Alaska.

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Also maybe the A321’s. They have a few, and orders for a lot more.

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Are you talking about the A321 NEO? Because VA never had A321 CEOs and don’t have active orders for the A319.

Yes the half Virgin half Alaska one very cool.

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This one. Credit to


I love the different shades of blue!

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They’re beautiful shades aren’t they!

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I love this livery

I’ll bookmark this for future reference as I am out of votes.

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Oh man what a nice livery. Im gonna have to vote for this.

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Ya you are. It’s tempting isn’t it?

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Wayyy to tempting. Also since im apart of ASVA its even more tempting…

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