Alaska Airlines | A Fleet Composite


As most of you that know me have heard, Alaska is my 2nd favorite state (My home of North Carolina is my favorite). And since it’s my (2nd) favorite state is Alaska, I made a fleet composite for Alaska Airlines. Inspired by @DeltaMD88Fan, this is one of my favorite photos I’ve made, but at a time cost. The final project took almost 4 hours, from the original photos, to editing, to making the actual fleet composite. Hopefully it hasn’t taken 4 hours to read all this, and if it has, have a break, have a Kit-Kat! And feel free to have a look at the fleet composite I’ve provided.

From the regional Dash-8 and CRJ-700, to the A320, to the 737-800 and -900, the whole Alaska Airlines family is here, climbing out of Anchorage Airport. Well, except the E-175 and 737-700, they don’t have liveries in IF. And by going through two separate editors and a whole bunch of other stuff, the photo quality suffered detrimentally, but I’m still really happy with it.

Feel free to PM me if you need any transparent IF photos. And if you want to know what editors I used, I used Adobe Lightroom and Pixlr. So as always, thanks for coming, and feedback is accepted as this is my first fleet composite photo. Have a great day, and stay safe IFC!


When’s the last time Alaska used the CRJ 🤔

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It last flew yesterday during a Photoshoot. 😂
Anyway I’m using it because it’s in IF.

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I might use it in the future to replace the E175


Seems like a pretty nice choice, not looking at any official stats.

When you forget the A320 family in the Alaska Fleet.

Edit: Oh. I just saw it.
Edit 2: What about our More To Love livery?

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I once again see no buttering however I do like this post 9/10

Excellent work my friend! It looks absolutely fantastic :)

I think around 2017… I could be wrong. I did see a video of it landing in 2017

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Gotta love airline’s fleet diversity:)

Nice photo! Almost makes it my favorite airline, but it is a close 2nd!

I think it was in like, 2013 or 2015 or something.

@Butter_Boi this is amazing! Thanks for departing PANC, lol.


This is awesome!

A320 is included. As for the More To Love livery, I’ve just gone for the main Alaska livery in these photos.

Thanks! And you’re correct, no butter this time except my username.

For the person that inspired me to make this to say that, it means a lot, thank you!

Probably more accurate than “yesterday during a Photoshoot.”

Yep, it’s more than your standard “All A320” fleet.

Thanks! Alaska Airlines is my favorite, glad to see you like it too.

Still more accurate than “yesterday during a Photoshoot.” Thanks, and you’re welcome for departing PANC.

It’s hard to argue with his assessment. Thanks!


This is frankly quite Awesome! You could have done a teeny bit more to blend in the aircrafts as they do look a bit too bright but other than that it looks great!

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This is a great idea, will you be doing it with other airlines?

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Thank you, Mr. Photomaster! And I’ll certainly put this advice to good use.

Yes, this seems like such a hit, and it looks great to me as well, of course I’ll do more!

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