Alaska Airlines 737 MAX (DELIVERED)

According to SimplyFlying, Alaska Airlines plans to take delivery of its first 737 MAX 9 on January 14th

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When the 737 MAX was deemed able to fly, Alaska Airlines was the first customer to order the MAX.

Alaska Airlines also plans to fly their first passenger flight with their 737 MAX 9 two months after the delivery.

Routes for 737 MAX


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I am very excited about this! Lots of exciting things are happening next week!

Yay! Go Alaska!

Yes!! It is definitely exciting seeing more deliveries and good news for the 737 MAX

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At least they are putting what plane it is when you book tickets. SeaTac is where I fly out of and usually on Alaska for air miles but it won’t be on a max until it’s very proven a couple years from now for me.


That is very understandable. And as you mentioned, I think it’s great that Alaska gives you what aircraft you are going to fly!

We will just see if people even remember what a MAX is to make use of that. I think I’m the aviation world we assume there will be a mass of people trying to book a non max flight, I bet at least half of people would not know what’s up with the MAX if you stopped them on the street and said “why is there so much attention on the 737 MAX?” You would probably get a vague confused look from all but a few. We shall see, but I think the MAX will be operating as normal effectively immediately.


Alaska Airlines takes delivery of its first Boeing 737-9 MAX aircraft - MarketWatch

Alaska Airlines has taken delivery of it's first MAX of 63

First flight is scheduled for March 1st, and the route is SEA-SAN // KSEA-KSAN


Does anyone know what the first MAX flight from PDX will be?

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I think it is to LAX, but I cannot remember

Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9
It will operate both SEA-LAX and SEA-SAN

Alaska Airlines inaugural flight from SEA-LAX will begin March 1st and it is operating under AS398
-Scheduled departure is 3:55pm
-Scheduled arrival is 6:36pm

Return flight home
Operating as AS705
-Scheduled departure is 7:55pm
-Scheduled arrival is 10:41pm

Alaska Airlines inaugural flight from SEA-SAN will also begin March 1st and it is operating under AS482
-Scheduled departure is 6:30am
-scheduled arrival is 9:10am

Return flight home
Operating as AS539
-Scheduled departure is 11:45am
-Scheduled arrival is 2:40pm


Oh yeah, starting to get hyped!

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Of course I can’t watch it land because I have school why couldn’t it be later😔

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