Alaska airlines 737 flight

thinking about heading out of lax today at 12:00pm pst and heading to jfk if anyone is down to join! if your down we will use the 737 and you can use any livery of alaska! be at lax by 12:00pm pst terminal 6! hope to see you all there :)

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Create a #live:groupflights topic :)

Hey! As stated above, you could create a group flight in the #live:groupflights section with all the details of your flight, and see if anyone wants to join!

Please be sure to read the guidelines below, and review the correct formatting procedures for creating a group flight before you create one though!

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oh okay thank you! i’m a bit new to this :)

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I think you can post in #live:groupflights but not #live:events

Hey! Actually, all members can post group flights.

TL2 requirements are in place for creating topics in #live:events

Oh sorry about that my bad

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