Alaska Airlines 737-900 “We’re going to Disneyland!” Livery

Hello everyone,
This is my first feature request. This livery is one of the funnest and most iconic special liveries in the sky today. The split scimitar winglets were added to it recently and I think they’re a nice touch to the aircraft. I think that since the split scimitars in development (courtesy of the IF social media), what better way to celebrate the new winglets, than with a fun and cool looking livery addition to go with it?!

If you like this idea, share it on your socials! This is one feature request that I sincerely hope doesn’t get ignored and die, because I think it would be such a great addition to the library of liveries in Infinite Flight!

I think a big issue with trying to ge tthis into IF would be a license issue with Disney. They are VERY picky how their name or characters get put out in the public.


I have flagged the old post as this one has more depth.

I must say that this livery does look very colorful.

Due to licensing issues, however, it’s very unlikely we will get it; it would probably cost the developers a lot of money pay to Disney for the appropriate permissions. With that said though, never say never :)


If only there were no such things as copyrights XD

But I would love to have this airplane in the sim.

I’m sorry, I used the search function and that thread did not come up for some reason!

I was considering the copyright implications before postinf this thread. I don’t think it’s impossible however, since there is the Southwest SeaWorld (which was rather controversial towards the end of its life unfortunately) livery in the sim.

Since there’s that precedent, that’s why I think there is a decent chance that it could work out. Of course there’s different hoops that the devs would likely have to go through, but I figured it was a shot.

I agree, it doesn’t hurt to try, but Disney is just so hard to get a licensing agreement with

Haha, you don’t understand how much you need to give to Disney. Your kids, all four limbs, your wife, your home, and everything you own to get a chance at that deal. 😂


Yeah Disney licensing is strict as heck.

Would be a great livery but I doubt we will see it unfortunately

This livery is crazy! But as @Will_Ford_Jr said before IF cannot use this name

Wouldnt work, sorry! IF tried to add the All Nippon Star Wars special-liveries as well, but was rejected by Disney.

That just flew into KSEA today