Alaska Airlines 737-900 “More To Love” Livery

Sorry this is my first feature request!

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Hi there,

Unfortunately, there is already a request open for this livery, therefore it is a duplicate:

I’ll let the moderators decide which one to keep open, how please ensure you utilize the “Search Bar” in the upper-right hand corner before creating a feature request. Thanks! :)


Hmmm I looked this up and I never found a duplicate. And that one is old and doesn’t go into as much detail. Well I will let the mods decide

Not trying to be rude but yours doesn’t have much detail either.

Well mine has a little more info then that other one. Oh well. I’ll let the mods decide

I think this one should stay open as the other is quite old.

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You should vote for your own topic.

I really like this livery. I’m out of votes, but hope to see it in IF in the future

I love the liveries thatfade into another color, like the 777KLM with orange and blue…

It looks great

Livery looks amazing! Would love to see it in IF.

Oh my goodness. I need. I want. 🤤

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Such a beautiful livery! We need more special liveries in IF.

STUNNING. I’ve bookmarked, once a vote frees up - it’s all yours.

It may be advisable to give photo credits.

Definitely. A must need in Infinite Flight!

This livery it’s not necessary the actual one is the best.

So the klm orange pride livery is fine but not this?

I wish this livery replaced Alaska’s entirely as their new livery, in order to honour Virgin America

The livery is amazing but…
How do you plan adding that when you don’t have the original livery already

Even though I only fly Delta in real life & in infinite flight, this livery is so beautiful. I’ve seen it in real life & would be an amazing livery especially with the split scimitar winglets being a work in progress.