Alaska Airlines 737-900 Kevin Durant Livery

I would love to see this livery because I’m part of ASVA, and I love the Warriors and KD.

Remember to source your image-

Interesting idea though. IF would have to buy the rights from Durant/NBA to use his likeness in game.

can’t wait for the zaza pachulia special livery

Here’s the source btw:


Would they though? Because it’s an Alaska livery?

I’m pretty sure they would, that’s how it works in other games like Madden, FIFA, 2K, etc. I’m also pretty sure IF has to do this with all new liveries, contacting the RL airline to ask for permission to use their brand in-game. Intellectual property law can be intense.

not a warriors fan plus I dont like him that much only when he was at the Thunder,but Ill free up a vote

Thanks lol.

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Very nice livery! This would be great in the sim!