Alaska Airlines 737-900 Dark Blue/Light Forest Green Livery

A few of Alaska’s 737-900s are painted in this livery. I think it would be a cool livery to have. I couldn’t find any topics related to this, but if this is a duplicate, close the thread and send me a link to the other one.


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I think we already have this livery

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We don’t actually. There’s a slight variation between this one and the one currently available in-game. The decals (the face and the airline name) are a darker blue while the one in-game is black. :)

@Boeing797: Cool livery but I’d rather have the new livery instead on the 737.


I would vote but I don’t want have any left

I would really like the new livery too, I would actually rather have the new one over this one, but having both would be cool

We don’t have this livery by the way!! We really need this Dark Blue/Light Forest Green Livery because It is a very beautiful airplane I would love to see this added to IF on the Boeing 737-900

This is now their old livery so idk if we will ever see it in game

I think this Alaska Airlines Boeing 737-900 should to be reworked. It should look like this with Split Scimitars image

That is the old livery brudda

I know, this needs to be the Dark Blue/Light Forest Green Livery

Why do people bring up 2 year old topics again? 😂 Anyway I think it is a cool livery tho!

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It is a feature, so I guess you can bring it back up when ever…
I’m out of votes but I do love that livery…

Ooo an Alaska livery. I’ll have to clear a vote for this.

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Brudda means brother