Alaska Airlines 737-800 'Spirit of Seattle Livery'

A beautiful livery.

Different photos show it with/without scimitars.


That’s the name of the livery - it’s also a 737-800 but with scimitar winglets! ;)

737-800, typo


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It’s a boeing house colour livery with a Alaskan tail


I’ll change it… Cat man to the rescue!

I love it :)

This livery is called “Spirit of Seattle” I like it. 😃✈️

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Strange, I don’t see a single coffee reference on it.

I love it so much! Has to be one of the best liveries I’ve ever seen:-D

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I’ve seen this at my local airport!

It’s really nice. I love it

The Boeing and Alaskan liveries really match well. Great request!

It’s a beautiful livery, I saw it a DEN once as you can see here Very Cool Alaskan Livery

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Okay, but why is this livery so perfect?!

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Lovely plane, lovely livery!

Flying Beauty.

Yes please now

Yes please. I said yes please!!! Yes you %#}!!