Alaska Airlines 737-800 Boeing House livery

Hello IFC! Today I would like to request a livery that is special. Yes, a special livery. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to the Alaska Airlines Boeing House livery!

This aircraft has split scimitars. It’s also a 737-800, not a 900. Yet, it has scimitars. Most 737-800 of ASA do have them, but that’s not the point. Boeing is a Aeronautical Manufactor based in Chicago IL USA, while their factory is in Everett WA USA.
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I hope you like it! :)

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Oh wow. Never knew this existed.

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I saw this airplane at SJC on April 19 departing for Lihue! :D

I don’t really like the livery, but it would be nice to see this airplane in IF


Next time, flag old requests before making new ones. Don’t worry, I already flagged it. And the livery is known as “Spirit of Seattle”.

I’ve seen this livery land in KLAS before

It is amazing

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Beautiful livery! I have a model of it. This was before the plane got scimitars, so the model does not have it

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I think we do need this livery

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