Alaska Airlines 737-800 (2016 Livery)

(This might sound like a duplicate but the other one is for the older Lei livery and another was a general category that was closed.)

Hi guys!
I got a livery request regarding the Alaska 737-800 in the new 2016 livery. The Alaska 800s are used on multiple routes operated by AS which also includes the milk run flights. They have 61 of these planes according to the Alaska Airlines News website, only 18 less than the 900ERs.

Meet N564AS. A 2006 built 737-890 which has been serving AS its whole life. If any of you are wondering why it is called a 737-890 instead of 737-800, this is because airlines add 2 numbers or letters to the model type for identification. Alaska’s is 90.

Now you may ask: Why would we need this? L-Like come on! It’s just a normal plane!

Well, many people in IF (like me) like to do realistic flights. This would also be beneficial for virtual airlines that do realistic flights (looking at you @AlaskaAirlinesVA ) and ultimately people that just like to fly realistic routes.

I also recommend you vote for other Alaska beauties such as the 737-700

I hope you like this beauty and would vote for it. Go ahead and vote for the -700 too!

Have a good morning / evening and night! With love from @Generic_Flyer

I forgot the link so here it is to the OG image: N564AS | Boeing 737-890 | Alaska Airlines | BrickYardSpotter | JetPhotos

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Shocked there wasnt another topic

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We need this. In fact, we need all the old Alaska Airline liveries to be removed and the 2016 liveries need to be added.

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Great livery! Would love to see in game. Really is a missing spot in the fleet. Airports throughout Alaska are really good fun.

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I agree with @Sashaz55. This would definitely be a good livery.

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Bump for this Boeing!

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Bumping this after 1 month, hoping to do some PDX-LAX flights in a 2016 Livery 738!

i just figured out this is a duplicate

Shall I flag for closure?

idk, the other was last october and was created in 2017. while it has 10 more votes. its inactive I guess but idk leave it to the mods

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Sure, since in my defense, I have some more info on this specific plane

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I noticed that the this l livery wasn’t in the game, and look to see if there was a topic/request for it. Now here I am :D

Count my vote in


With over a dozen liveries getting confirmed today, I feel like it’s time to start getting votes for this beautiful livery! You got my vote and bump!

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Bumping this back to the top