Alaska Airline Fly In Review

A little late sorry but the Alaska Event was awesome! Enjoy the pictures


Great photos!

Hope you all had fun! :)

Just one thing I have often noticed in IF:
Please turn OFF landing lights and Strobe lights during taxi to RWY/Gate.
Only turn them ON just before TO.
Just like in the real world…


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Haha I noticed everyone doing that. It bugged me a little as it made the photos a bit iffy. I couldn’t exactly ask people to turn them odd though ;-)

Also I think lots of people use landing lights as taxi lights

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I use them as Taxi Lights! :)

I have a question for tower at Seattle. You have 10 planes lined up waiting to take off at 16L but 16C is empty. Is there any reason you do not operate both runways?

They were allowing for good photo ops of Alaska planes I think