Alaska Air Transit Cessna 208


My Opinion
With the Cessna 208B, I think having some Alaska based Caravans would look great! Alaska Air Transit just sits a few feet from us and I always see their 208Bs take off.
With me flying the 208s in Alaska it’d be nice to see some more liveries for the 208s!

You got my vote. This. is. needed.

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What a beauty! ❤️

Got my vote

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Thanks Balloon!
Hopefully we can see more GA Liveries

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I say more GA aircraft, including liveries

Now, I would vote for this, but we only get 5 votes, so I cant, but you have my support

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so I have made my decision to remove a vote from else to make it here

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Thank you for the support!

This would be extremely lovely to have! But as I have mentioned a few other times in other requests: I don’t think it is desperately needed. Also with new liveries and the CRJ just release less than a few months ago, I don’t think it will be added any time soon! (But anyway, who knows! 😂 the staff can really surprise us with some Fantastic things!!)

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Agreed, I don’t think it’s desperately needed but it be nice to see =)

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Do they have any relation to Alaska Airlines at all or is this company completely separate?

Separate Company, Alaska Air Transit is a small 135 operation

Well that’s pretty cool. Alaska is a huge state with much to explore. This livery would be perfect to use for that. Alaska is one state I have yet to fully experience and explore mainly because of the topography cut-off at the 60º latitude.

Don’t have votes at the moment but If a Cessna 208 rework is in development, I’ll be sure to come back and place a vote. Nice request! :)

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Southeast Alaska is a great place to fly too! Same as Homer (My company is based in Homer) some real fun airports! I highly recommend checking it out.

I would love see more US Liveries for the 208B and I hope this is the start of a trend to make it so =)