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Our Website

Hello! I hope everyone in the Infinite Flight Community had a Happy Holiday! It has been awhile since our last post, and we have been hard at work in the meantime. In summary, we have worked to improve our pilots’ experience with a revamped rank system, a new crew center, and various integrations on our website. We are also sad to announce we will be retiring the Virgin America callsign, VX/Redwood, in conjunction with our real-world counterpart. All Virgin America flights will now fall under the Alaska callsign, AS/Alaska.
We got a new group of staff who are dedicated to becoming the best VA on the IFC. And our pilots are some of the best in the community, and group flights are a fun affair in our VA.

Alaska Air Group Virtual is the conglomerate of three airlines Alaska Airlines, Virgin America (thanks to the merger), and Horizon Air. Look for our pilots using the AS callsign, and AAGV preceding their username.


CEO: @Dashsolpher1
Co-CEO: @Jmsoh1292
Event Manager:
Chief Pilot: @Christian_Richardson
Chief Technology Mananger: @c150pilot
Route Managers: @Liam_Kirk and @Jmacd20
Recruitment Manger: @William_Armstrong


Like all other VA’s we have completed all of our global routes a long time ago. Our route manager is working on putting them into a more modern AirTable. Our Technology manager is working on integrating the routes into our Crew Center. We have well over 100 routes and like our description says airports like Barrow are our specialty.


Our fleet has changed just like that of our real-world counterpart. Our fleet has now expanded to 8 aircraft.
For Alaska Airlines, B737, B738, B739
For Virgin America A319, A320, A321
For Horizon Airlines Dash8-Q400, ERJ-175

Mission Statement

We here at Alaska Air Group Virtual honor our commitment to provide our customers with the highest level of customer service alongside a variety of destinations. We are proud to value or great and staff, and we look to survey and our community and discover ways we can improve. We are always out to provide the best service possible!


Our pilots are what we are here for and at AAGV as our the staff we give them our all.

Crew Center
A new Crew Center is under development and will be designed for pilots. It will help to simplify our entire system of finding, flying, and logging flights. The Crew Center will be integrated with Simbrief making it easier for them to plan flights. We will have crew bidding as well.

737 Performance Calculator
We recently acquired a performance calculator for the 737 series of aircraft giving our pilots accurate V-speeds. Our pilots now no longer have to guess their speeds or point of decent.


We have a brand-new website that we are continuing to upgrade. Our website is simplified and is easier to navigate thanks to the addition of the Crew Center. AAGV is one of the most realistic VAs and we never stop striving to be better. Check out our website and join our family. We welcome all newcomers and do everything we can to make their transition into our VA as smoothly as possible.

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This thread looks sooo good, good luck, and best of luck also sad about Virgin America

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We are too, Virgin America is a great airline, and it is sad to see it go. However, on the bright side pilots only have to use one callsign now.

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Good luck! Hope AAGV does great 👍🏻

Alaska has so much beautiful terrain to explore. Good luck to your VA with that adventure!

I have applied for the VA

Looks like an awesome VA, especially living in Seattle and having Alaska Airlines hub at our airport :-)

Yeah many of us in this VA either live in Washington or Alaska. We have a pilot that lives in Ketchikan. He is on a mission to fly to many of the remote airports in Alaska, and he sends plenty of pictures from the sim.

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That is awesome! :-)

We here at AAGV have been working hard toward something big, we believe the whole community will love. It is now a countdown until announcement, and we have decided its time to take a page out of FDS’s book and give you a teaser to ponder. We will be happy to bring this you, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we have working on it.

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Do you guys still need a chief pilot?

Our Crew Center is now operational, and our current pilots are in the process of registering. This is such a happy time for us at AAGV!

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All of the pending applications have been reveiwed, and if you were accepted, a slack invitation was sent. All of these will have been in an email.

Awesome thread. Man if I could only guess what that teaser meant 🤔 seems cool though. Best of luck and I can’t wait to see what Alaskan Virtuals future holds!


We are proud to announce (and welcome) three new staff members into our ranks. @Christian_Richardson, @Jmacd20, and @William_Armstrong. They are taking the Chief Pilot, Route Manager, and Recruitment manger positions, respectively.

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So today we make our big announcement to the community! We hope you enjoy it!

American Virtual and Alaska Air Group Virtual are proud to announce a partnership that has been months in the making. What started out as a simple inquiry has become what may be the most realistic and fair partnership in the IFC. This partnership will include but is not limited to, joint events and a codeshare agreement. This partnership has been built from the ground up to ensure both VA’s have equal representation and power.

Joint Events

Joint events are definitely something that will give the pilots of both airlines plenty of fun. As part of the partnersship there is a joint event manager position who will organize events suited to both airlines. This helps to keep the partnership within the terms of the contract. Joint events are required to be approved by both VA’s prior to community announcement. We have great things in store here for our current and future pilots.


This is definitely the most anticipated part of the partnership. The basic premise is that pilots will receive full credit for their respective VA, and 50% for the whichever VA’s route they flew. For example, if an American VA pilot flew the Seattle (KSEA) to Fairbanks (PAFA) route, which is approximately 4 hours. They get the fours hours for American VA and two hours for Alaska VA. A special logging system has been designed just for this partnership and will be utilized by both VAs


This partnership certainly has a significant amount of potential, and the community will without a doubt see a lot of traffic from us. We hope that all current and future pilots enjoy this partnerships as much as we have putting it together for the past two months.


Hi IFC, we at Alaska Air Group Virtual have now officially decided on a need to restructure to add, remove, and improve features within our VA. As such we will need to close our VA to pilot applications for the time being, but as part of the restructuring, we are adding and hiring for some positions to our recruitment department. These include x2 recruitment officers and a head of flight training. If you feel you are qualified for these positions please PM me and we will discuss further. Thank You all and have an awesome day!

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Are you going to add the Alaskan a320 livery to your fleet?

We already have😁. We had a whole event with Plane and Pilot and Virgin VA to celebrate!