Alaska Air Cargo Introduces World's First Converted 737-700

That’s the smallest cargo plane I’ve seen

Amazing Aircraft with that Livery!! Definitely one of the better sleek liveries I’ve seen. 😍😍 🤙🏾🇦🇺🍻

EDIT: I realised lately that this wasn’t a features request. 🙈🙊

Has a features request been made? Would be amazing in IF.

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Are you sure? These are just two smaller examples.


Please someone do a feature request on that plane! I’d love an AS737 combi

You can do that when you are TL 2 ;)

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KLM indeed still uses 747-400 Combi aircraft on select routes. As far as I know, it isn’t necessarily dependant on destination although I think KLAX sees the combi often as it is one of KLM’s destination it’s twice daily service, so the airline doesn’t need as much room for passenger seats. They also operated them to Johannesburg, before the route was changed to a 777-200er/300er service.

Ah I see now, it makes a lot of sense especially on the route to KLAX. I knew I was correct. Thanks for this information, sir! :)

I just made a features request for this livery here


That I’ve seen I do t go out that much

Just a FYI they won’t install splits, it was a concept at the time

Working at Seatac for Alaska’s ground crew I will miss the 400C and F but its time for something new and better

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