Alaska Air Cargo 737-700BDSF "-700F"

To be clear, I am requesting the livery for the 737-700 not really the cargo version of the plane. As it would have very few liveries on it all together. There is a very well put together post on this aircraft written by @Nathan linked here if you want more information about it. The picture comes courtesy of @marvin_buxton on his post linked here. I love the look of this livery, it is really clean as always when it comes to Alaska. And with Global rolling out Cargo operations are definitely more feasible.


Credit to community member @marvin_buxton

I like it! That’s a vote worthy plane right there!


Yes, this would be great for flights to Barrow, Alaska!

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Bumping this topic, this livery would add another option when flying the 737-700 and give Alaska Airlines flyers more aircraft choices.


One of the best cargo liveries ever!

This is definitely something that we would love to see! It would be great for ASVA.
-ASVA Dylan


Would love to see this!

Very nice livery, love the blue and green colors